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camping beneath a full moon

18 Jul


I love Mondays!

7 Apr

This semester the boyfriend has class on Monday nights and I do not. I use this time to do the grocery shopping, laundry and other chores. I also usually like to make something really good for dinner and leftovers for lunches throughout the week. I got a ton done last night! I set Pandora to my Francoise Hardy station, and went to work! I’ll admit I took a few breaks.. I made and enjoyed several slices of caprese bruschetta and pinot grigio on my balcony with beautiful french music in the background. It was wonderful and relaxing and the evening was so productive.

For dinner I made Tortilla Soup. It was different than the way I usually make it but it was good different. Authentic tortilla soup has a very simple, delicious broth and it’s they type I usually make. Last night, however, I wanted to use up some leftover pinto beans and white corn and thought this would be the perfect way. It came out very spicy which we like and gets toned down with the sour cream and avocado.


15 Mar

There are so many blogs about what people eat and cook and like and what’s healthy but I never really hear about the drinks.

Some background on me… my mom is a coffee fanatic. Her whole family is. Us kids grew up with warm milk with a little coffee in our bottles! Now, my dad.. he loves his Mountain Dew and drinks it all day. Offer him a cup of coffee after 10am? He declines stating he won’t sleep for week. Try to make sense of that! So put the two of them together and you get me… a full-blown coffee and soda addict at the age of 10. While I was in high school I worked as a barista in a locally owned coffee shop to support my habit. I exaggerate but to be honest I don’t even notice the effect of caffeine unless I don’t have it. I usually will get a headache on day two and realize that I haven’t had coffee and I pull into the closest Starbucks, chug a Grande iced coffee and away the headache goes.

I’m not so worried about my coffee because I’ve pretty much gotten down to one or two cups of black coffee a day (the second if I’m dragging and have class or studying to do). The soda was another story. I’d drink a couple of glasses a day. Then I started to really worry about this neon green liquid full of sugar and chemically engineered ingredients and cut it out. I started mixing 100% juice with sparkling water and then switched to water. It really is amazing what happens when you stop drinking soda. You kind of deflate. It’s been a couple of years now but I’ll have a glass sporadically (movies!) but really can’t stand the sweetness.

So, on a normal day, I have my coffee in the morning with water, a glass of green tea around 10am, and then water the rest of the day until I get home from work then I either have a glass of iced mango tea (TJ’s black mango tea – oh so good!) or a glass of wine. Then it’s back to water until bed. Sometimes a glass of skim milk with cookies sneaks its way in but I can always use the calcium. When we go out to eat I usually have wine (Merlot or Pinot Grigio) or I get a Michelada!

So what do you drink throughout the day?