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camping beneath a full moon

18 Jul


second backpacking trip

9 May

wii tennis and veggies

21 Mar

I’m having difficulty getting my head back to work and school.. I had way too much fun yesterday doing this:

Believe it or not, my arms and shoulders are killing me! This only means one thing.. I must do more!

All our activity got us starved so we stuffed our faces with veggies and yummy hummus!

backpacking adventure recap in pictures

18 Mar

backpacking adventure!

12 Mar

This morning we depart on my first overnight backpacking adventure! I’m excited because I love to hike and camp but I have yet to hike to camp. Ahhhh!

new camera!

7 Mar

My sweet boyfriend decided that I needed a better camera and surprised me with a fun Friday night in search of one. I agreed I needed a nicer camera but didn’t think I needed this nice of one! After going to several stores and online we found the best deal on amazon. I’m thrilled and sooo thankful. My camera arrives Tuesday and I can’t wait! This baby’s got 35x zoom among countless other features. This weekend I stocked up my pantry and we planned a hike and camping trip for next weekend. So many great photo opportunities await!

finally friday

4 Mar

I haven’t cooked a meal since Sunday! Totally depressing. I really find cooking relaxing and also very satisfying to make create deliciousness. This week was just hectic for me with both work and school. I’m looking forward the weekend and making some great food! Today I didn’t even get a chance to eat my english muffin! I’m a paralegal and work comes in waves. Sometimes I’m very busy and other times it’s my job to be ready when it gets busy. This morning was a very hectic, last-minute scramble to get something filed. Once everything settled down I pulled out a snack bar to hold me over to lunch.

It hit the spot! I usually like the chocolate ones but these, the Honey Almond Flax Chewy Granola bars are the perfect mix of sweet and salty. They also have 7g of protein and 4g of fiber.