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camping beneath a full moon

18 Jul


my little garden

4 Apr

Check out my mango tree:

mango tree

Looking so healthy!

In addition to the mango, I’m growing cherry tomatoes and jalapenos in my Aerogarden (the salsa kit!).

tomato blossoms

 I’ve also got some other peppers growing in a pot outside.



If you don’t have an aerogarden yet, I highly recommend it. Not only do herbs grow wonderfully in it, put any plants near it and they thrive also. It’s great!

backpacking adventure recap in pictures

18 Mar

corned beef & cabbage

18 Mar

Happy St. Patty’s Day! I love any excuse to make this dish and making it in a crockpot couldn’t be easier! We roughly use this recipe from Food Network: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/slow-cooker-corned-beef-and-cabbage-recipe/index.html and it turns out great each time! This year we used Rolling Rock for the beer because it’s all we had and it was perfect! The boyfriend chopped away all morning and threw it in this morning because he had the day off (luck of the Irish, I suppose!). We had a couple friends over and it smelled so good we practically all ate it out of the crockpot! We also had some adoreable mini cupcakes I picked up from the store but they went so fast I didn’t get a pic.

He also got this shot of a rainbow in the sprinklers.. and I love it!

But what does it mean????? 🙂  

grilled chicken and calabacitas

16 Mar

For dinner we grilled up some chicken breasts marinated in a Jamaican jerk marinade/grilling sauce we got at Big Lots for only $2! We added some of our favorite hot sauce for some extra heat.

We served calabacitas along side our chicken.

Everything came out great! I can’t wait to add the leftover to a spinach salad for lunch tomorrow!

backpacking adventure!

12 Mar

This morning we depart on my first overnight backpacking adventure! I’m excited because I love to hike and camp but I have yet to hike to camp. Ahhhh!

friday breakfast

11 Mar

Breakfast today was a toasted original english muffin with honey nut cream cheese, apple butter, and apple slices (the rest of the apple got eaten while waiting for this baby to toast!)

This was goooood! Happy Friday!