cookies v. broccoli

8 Mar

Today I was craaaaving some homemade, chunky chocolate cookies so when I went to the store I stocked up on the necessities to make some. Chocolate chunks, walnuts.. mmm. My mouth was watering the ride home and I opened the bag to ‘test’ a few chunks of semi-sweet goodness just to make sure they were ‘ok.’ Somewhere between dipping a few chunks in peanut butter and the laundry I changed my mind. It might be because after a couple of months of being stuffed away in a drawer my bikini made its debut yesterday and I’m thinking it showed too many of the cookies I’ve eaten since the last time I wore it. So, instead of cookies, I made broccoli soup. And it was really satisfying! Instead of eating a bunch of cookie dough, more chocolate chunks, cookies and who knows how many glasses of milk I filled up on creamy (a half cup of half n half and a few shreds of cheese snuck their way in there) broccoli goodness guilt-free!


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