friday dinner

28 Feb

For dinner on Friday we had one thing on our minds: seafood! I really wanted to make shrimp scampi with fresh asparagus (they’re in season right now.. tastier and cheaper!) and the boyfriend wanted mussels so we got both and lots of lemon and garlic. The picture is terrible .. I was in a rush to dig in! I also wish I had taken more photos of the mussels but we were eating them as we prepared the scampi. We steamed the mussels in white wine with garlic and butter and squeezed lemon on top. Amazing! We cooked the shrimp in garlic lemon juice with a bit of butter. We threw in the asparagus right at the end because we wanted them to keep some crunch. Then we just served the shrimp and asparagus over angel hair pasta. Dinner was delicious! We order mussels and scampi often when we go out and usually pay way to much for butter drenched over cooked shrimp; it was nice to make it how we like it annnnd save money!


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