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sunday dinner

28 Feb

For dinner we made a quick and easy pork cacciatore. I browned the pork in some olive oil, added carrots, onions, oregano and black pepper.

Then I added diced tomatoes and mushrooms.

I served the cacciatore over some ditalinis. Mmmmm..

It was a warm, hearty meal perfect for the chilly weather.. it snowed in Tucson!  Check out this picture from our local new’s website (



fruitful waffles!

28 Feb

Saturday’s breakfast was, in a word, fruitful. For Christmas, my cousin gave us a waffle maker and we’ve been anxious to try it out. We had a ton of fruit lying around and because I’m not a fan of maple syrup it was a great time to try it out. They came out perfectly! They were fluffy on the inside and crisp and golden brown on the outside. I put warm strawberries and mangos on top and had kiwi on the side. The boyfriend had maple syrup on his with fruit on the side so his wasn’t nearly as pretty as mine. My mouth is watering just looking at this picture and I’m counting down the minutes until next saturday when I plan to make them again, this time with peaches and blueberries!

friday dinner

28 Feb

For dinner on Friday we had one thing on our minds: seafood! I really wanted to make shrimp scampi with fresh asparagus (they’re in season right now.. tastier and cheaper!) and the boyfriend wanted mussels so we got both and lots of lemon and garlic. The picture is terrible .. I was in a rush to dig in! I also wish I had taken more photos of the mussels but we were eating them as we prepared the scampi. We steamed the mussels in white wine with garlic and butter and squeezed lemon on top. Amazing! We cooked the shrimp in garlic lemon juice with a bit of butter. We threw in the asparagus right at the end because we wanted them to keep some crunch. Then we just served the shrimp and asparagus over angel hair pasta. Dinner was delicious! We order mussels and scampi often when we go out and usually pay way to much for butter drenched over cooked shrimp; it was nice to make it how we like it annnnd save money!

meet my gorp

25 Feb

I mix my own trail mix and bring a big bag to work as a snack. Usually it contains whatever yummy bulk items Sunflower Market has on sale. This batch has almonds, dried apricots and cranberries, peanuts and pecan pieces. Sometimes there’s granola in the mix, sometimes chocolate too. There are NEVER cashews or cinnamon candied almonds because I have not self-control and could eat a whole pound of each in one day. Maybe not that bad. But pretty close.


25 Feb

So last night, while I was innocently reading through the new Fitness magazine and watching the Arizona basketball game, my sweet evil boyfriend brought this to me:

Three cookies and two strawberries generously topped with whipped cream. Heaven and hell.

The strawberries and whipped cream would have been fine! But the cookies? Ahhh! Whipped cream is my secret to low-calorie indulgence! I put a TON of it on fruit and really feel like I’m being bad. The sugar is high but compared to the sugar and fat and calories of cookies, brownies and ice cream it’s a WIN!

At least I got some new exercises to do to burn those suckers off.


25 Feb

Today’s meals were too delicious not to share!

For breakfast I had a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel thin (these are so good.. thank you Thomas!)

They are only 110 calories and 1 g of fat, plus they have protein and fiber and they even have a 100% whole wheat kind!) with low-fat cream cheese on one side, apple butter on the other side and sliced strawberries on both! I also had a sliced apple on the side with a little peanut butter.

Lunch was a cup of leftover creamy tomato soup with some leftover crock pot salsa chicken (from – so convenient and tasty!) mixed with mashed avocado and spring lettuce mix.

Dinner was quick and easy because it’s a school night. We had more leftover salsa chicken with mashed avocado and Trader Joe’s frozen Farfalle with 4 cheeses and spinach and I threw in some mushrooms.  

I love using leftovers! Because I love to cook so much I usually never actually eat my leftovers. That and I’m always running late to work and don’t grab them on my way out. Ooops. Anyway, it’s nice to clean out the fridge and save money by streching the meals out a little longer.

Time for homework and devouring the new Fitness magazine!


grown up grilled cheese

22 Feb

Last night after watching top chef all day (thank you, President’s Day!), we wanted something simple and warm and comforting.. creamy tomato soup and grilled cheese! So we went to Sunflower Market and got a nice fresh italian loaf, some Swiss mixed with Colby cheese, and lots of tomatoes and headed home. I was just about done with the soup when I realized we had used the rest of the butter the night before for our artichoke dipping sauce! My aunt had mentioned a while ago that she had heard of and tried using mayo instead of butter (ew!) on grilled cheese and it was pretty good. I also thought using a few quick sprays of Pam would do the trick while cutting back the fat and calories. So we did an experiment. We did one with mayo and one with Pam. They both came out great but the grilled cheese using mayo was a little better: the bread was a little crisper and had more flavor.